(EOS)bounceHammer Commercial Support

bounceHammer Commercial Support has been EOS: End Of Sales on February 29, 2016

End Of Sales: bounceHammer

bounceHammer bounceHammer have been downloaded and used by many users and companies since the first release on March 2010 and has been EOL: End Of Life on February 29, 2016. And then bounceHammer Commercial Support has been EOS: End Of Sale on the same day of EOL of bounceHammer.

For our customers which are under the support contract, please make sure the announcement we sent about EOS of bounceHammer and migration to Sisimai.

After the EOL of bounceHammer, the software could be continued to use on your system, however, we recommend migrating to Sisimai because the following reasons:

  • 2 times higher precision of analysis than bounceHammer
  • Including MTA/MSP modules by default
  • About 1.7 times faster than bounceHammer
  • Easy to install (using cpanm command)

We have started to develop Sisimai to resolve many problems related with analytical precision of bounceHammer and it is available to download, use on libsisimai.org and github.com/sisimai.

Information about Sisimai Commercial Support is available on Products/Sisimai.

If you have any question about migration from bounceHammer to Sisimai Contact Us