Sisimai is The Successor of bounceHammer

Sisimai: The successor to bounceHammer

Sisimai Sisimai is the library and the successor to bounceHammer. On August 2014, We have started to develop Sisimai as a bounce mail parser library to resolve many problems related to analytical precision in bounceHammer.

As of the present, the Perl version of Sisimai and the Ruby version of Sisimai are available on,, CPAN, and

The following table shows feature and environment differences between bounceHammer and Sisimai.

Features bounceHammer 2.7.13p2 Sisimai(Perl) Sisimai(Ruby)
System Requirements Perl 5.8 - 5.14 Perl 5.26 - 5.38 Ruby 2.4.0 - 3.3.0
How to Install configure; make cpanm gem
CLI Tools Available N/A
Modules for Commercial MTAs and MPSs End Of Sales Included by default
WebUI/HTTP-API Included N/A
Implement yourself
Analytical Precision Ratio 50% 100% 100%
The speed of parsing email(1000 emails)
4.3s 1.5s 3.2s
The number of detectable bounce reasons 19 34
Parse 2 or more bounces in a single email Only 1st recipient ALL
Parse FeedBack Loop Message/ARF format mail Unable OK
Output format of parsed data YAML,JSON,CSV JSON

So Sisimai is a Library (not system), that you may need to implement scripts for executing Sisimai, build a database for storing parsed data, and develop WebUI/API for referring stored data on yourself.

However, we are ready to support the development of such tools, build such systems for users who are hard to develop or build tools around Sisimai, and support for migration from the installed bounceHammer on your system to Sisimai.

Sisimai Commercial Support

Migration from bounceHammer to Sisimai and development, email support

ALL-IN-ONE Package

If you have any trouble about installing Sisimai, or think that the installing is troublesome task, hard to develop scripts, to build systems for storing parsed data, and migration from bounceHammer please consider ALL-IN-ONE Package. ALL-IN-ONE Package provide the following services:

  • Setting Up your server for Sisimai
  • Building MTA, database, and web server for Sisimai
  • Installing Sisimai into your server and configuring
  • Support development of relevant tools for Sisimai
  • Support migration from bounceHammer to Sisimai
  • Support via email or ssh for a year after completion of installing
If you have any question about Sisimai ALL-IN-ONE Package, Contact Us

Migration from bounceHammer

bounceHammer If bounceHammer is running on your system and you consider about migration from bounceHammer to Sisimai, we are ready to support these tasks for a year after migration.

If you consider migration from bounceHammer to Sisimai, Contact Us

Support via Email

If you have already installed Sisimai into your system, but want to know how to develop scripts, system for Sisimai, or have any question about operation of Sisimai, our email support will help you.

If you are considering introduction of Sisimai, Contact Us

Other Products Related in Sisimai

Customizing, Developping.

Developing custom-made MTA module

Sisimai can parse bounced emails created by Open-Sourced MTAs and commercial MTAs and MSPs.

However, bounced emails created by other MTAs: minor products, in-house systems could not be parsed by Sisimai. If you would like to parse such emails, we shall develop custom-made MTA modules for these MTAs.

Parsed Data

If you have large quantities of bounced email and have no server to install Sisimai or you need parsed data only, we shall parse your bounced email and send parsed data back to you.

If you have any question about Sisimai Commercial Support, Contact Us